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Thread: Thank You for more than 5 years of exceptional service

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    Default Thank You for more than 5 years of exceptional service

    Just had to say a warm Good Bye to this hosting place.
    I started unimportant personal pages more than 10 years ago and went through all the stages of "Free", "Unlimited" and such. Found strange hosts, went to paid accounts and still found plenty of strange hosts, coyboys and even real crooks.
    I then decided to go with Dathorn and hoped for the best.
    I am really sad to go now since there was no trouble at all and when I had a (mostly stupid) question since my knowledge level on this topic is not up high, I got answers fast. So fast that there wasn't hardly time "to make the sandwhich"
    Brilliant service.
    Thank You!

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    Thank you very much!

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