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Thread: A mixed Postini domain

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    Default A mixed Postini domain

    Just wondering if I have a misconfig somewhere... so I have two accounts on one of my domains with Postini, which seems to work wonderfully. However, I have a few others (including the catch-all) that now don't even go through SpamAssassin... so go figure, now I get dictionary spam ( etc) and even the most blatent manhood enlarging scam isn't flagged or discarded.

    I've even tried using the catch-all at that domain to another (hosted here) without Postini... that doesn't work either.

    Is there some magic trick to having Spamassassin and Postini at the same time (for different mailboxes, of course)?

    Please advise,

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    Unfortunately you cannot mix Postini and SpamAssassin on the same domain. Using the catch-all (default) address in general is not recommended as it will undoubtedly receive a lot of spam and continue to increase as the spam bots notice that the mail server is accepting email for these addresses.

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