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Thread: SSL IMAP and Webmail

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    Default SSL IMAP and Webmail

    Ok, so I finally found a web host that seems to take security seriously, and here I am.

    But I'm going a little nuts trying to get secure email working, and am at the point where I think I'm doing something stupid, and hopefully someone can tell me what it is.

    Two problems:

    1. So I have my domain, with a nicely signed SSL certificate, and HTTPS:// working great. However, it appears the IMAP mail server still advertises the * certificate. I don't suppose there is a way to get it to use my own for IMAP SSL?

    2. With webmail, slightly more insidious problem. Assuming the same problem, that the certificate is not using my own, I tried a redirect on to as per some other thread in the forum. Unfortunately, I get an HTTP auth that my email account does not clear... but I *CAN* hit cancel, and get a regular web page that it does work on. How do I get rid of that initial HTTP auth (browser popup)?

    Any recommendations accepted, thanks in advance.

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    1. Unfortunately not. The SSL certificate is for the entire service (in this case IMAP) and thus it is a generic one matching the server's host name. This leaves you with the option of accepting/exempting the certificate in your mail client or changing your mail server to

    2. Using should work without issue. If you're not able to get it to work I'd like to give it a try. Just submit a ticket referencing this along with the login information.

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