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Thread: 3+ Year Dathorn Customer - Absolutely the Best!

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    Default 3+ Year Dathorn Customer - Absolutely the Best!

    I've been meaning to do this for a long time. I'm a busy person managing 30+ websites and the last thing I want to worry about is whether the people running the servers are doing their job.

    I absolutely cannot afford downtime, hijacked servers, slow performance, slow response to support requests, data loss, limited functionality, etc., etc.

    Before moving my websites to Dathorn, I had been using several other hosting services. I could tell horror stories about them. These were name brand operations and managed servers in some of the top server farms in the country. The main problem with these hosting companies can be described simply as incompetence and stupidity -- they sucked.

    Andrew and Dathorn really know their stuff. What's even better is they really care about what they do and take pride in knowing what they are doing. I cannot say enough for how impressed I've been with the way they run their servers and their business.

    Unlike most of the idiots I've encountered who are simply reactive to problems and take a band aid approach to fixes and repairs, Dathorn is proactive and keeps up with the latest versions, fixes and sound maintenance routines to keep the servers running smoothly and quickly thus avoiding downtime and problems over the long haul. And these guys do go the extra mile for performance and don't dog their servers by loading every last website in the world on them for the sake of a buck.

    It is rare when I'll go out of my way to make these sort of comments, but in this case, Dathorn more than deserved my thanks and comments.

    "Quality" is really "consistency", and that describes Dathorn best.

    Thanks, Andrew and Dathorn for making hosting stress free! You are the best.

    Perry Joseph
    Datafile, Inc.
    St. Louis

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    Thank you very much! We greatly appreciate your continued business and support!

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