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Thread: Software for managing multiple WHM/cpanels?

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    Default Software for managing multiple WHM/cpanels?

    I'm searching for any management software that would allow me to easily manage multiple WHM and cpanel accounts on multiple servers.
    Does anyone use any script or program that does this?

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    I just ended up creating a webpage on my domain, protected via .htaccess with links to each whm account and listed the userid so I can access them on the fly (away from home or even at home). I need to further update this to include a list under each account of what domains are hosted there to save more time for me.

    But thats my simple solution. I have 3 accounts here, 2 are listed on the same server (over time one server was mirgrated into one (74)).

    If you find something, I'd be highly interested in it!
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    I use Azz Cardfiles Version4.
    Register it from the software after it is installed...around $30.00
    They will also allow you to install it from the software on a 2 or 8 gig Flash Drive to carry around to different locations and sync them to keep everything current.
    Keep everything in one file and use the folders to separate everything
    In one folder you can keep each domains information and username/passwords in different cards.
    Just type a domain in the Filter and it will bring up that name. use the Url as a link and use Ctrl + click to go to each WHM or Cpanel
    such as or
    Username disxxxx
    Whm Password | !mypassword.
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