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    Let's discuss hosting MediaWiki on Dathorn shared hosting

    (MediaWiki is basically PHP + MySQL. So I'll start this here; let me know if another Forum area would be better)

    I run three MediaWiki instances on my Dahtorn shared hosting account:
    * -- two people participating; belongs to one of them, not me (I'm just site admin)
    * -- very quiet wiki for an active Yahoogroup
    * -- (closed but still online for gradual content migration to the two above wikis)

    I SSH into the server for most site administration work. I use cPanel for downloading backups, creating email forwarders, and viewing Awstats. I find extension ConfirmEdit ( with QuestyCaptcha useful to limit spam bots.

    Dathorn's awesome shared hosts serve MediaWiki beautifully!

    Anyone hosting MediaWiki on a Dathorn server, welcome to add tips or questions to this thread!
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