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Thread: US Shuts Down Canadian Gambling Site With Verisign's Help (From Slashdot)

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    Default US Shuts Down Canadian Gambling Site With Verisign's Help (From Slashdot)

    An interesting story. This makes me think towards not buying anymore dot COM domains. Since I am in Canada I can get
    So a question to Andrew if you get a request from the US cyber police... homeland security et el...
    What happens to our domains on your servers....???

    (This space for rent)

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    This would depend on the exact circumstances of the situation but in this case it wouldn't have mattered, the court order went to Verisign. Regardless, we will, like any legitimate business, comply with court orders, etc. It's not like we live outside the realm of law and can ignore such requests. We've never had any such issues and I don't really expect any. Pretty much anything that would solicit such attention is not something we would allow on our servers anyways. At the end of the day this was a gambling website. Not a huge surprise that it became a target.

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