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Thread: Blocking stie access by country

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    Default Blocking stie access by country

    I have ridiculously large number of access attempts from countries like China. I do not know if this is just crawling or some kind of hacking attempt, but my site is in no way targeted to china users and as I am open to all visitors I am not willing to spend this large amount of resources for no purpose.

    Has anyone on Dathorn server used some technique to block access by country willing to share his experience and solution?

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    You can do it by the ip deny in cpanel, not sure how well that works though. I have done this in the past, but it was on a dedicated box. We blocked about 7 different countries that were just hammering the crap out of the server at the time, then later removed the broad blocks, and zeroed it down to the few ISP's that were causing the issue.
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