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Thread: 10-year review

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    Default 10-year review

    I've been with Dathorn since June of 2003. The stay has been long, but I'll try to be brief in reviewing because I think 10 years as a customer already says plenty about my satisfaction.

    What it comes down to is this: reliability.

    I'm self-employed and run a commercial website. Any downtime would be a direct reduction to my income, and a slow server would result in less page views per visitor and further reduced income (I sell page ad space). The uptime and server speed/stability at Dathorn is simply as good as it gets for shared hosting. I've been with others in the past. There is a difference. You won't find overselling nonsense here or packages with bogus bandwidth quotas. Users that abuse system resources are not left unchecked, and the only downtime I'm aware of was a handful of brief moments during server upgrades if memory serves correctly.

    My support ticket history for 10 years is fairly short, and many of them are for account upgrade requests as my website has grown. Any rare issues have been dealt with quickly, and a response is always provided within 10-20 minutes, sometimes shorter. I'm surprised how many responses have come from Andrew instead of a staff member, even though my tickets have been submitted at a variety of times, including early AM hours. In fact, I'm usually hesitant to submit a ticket because it seems like the guy doesn't sleep. I imagine him waking in the middle of the night to pager beeps notifying him of new tickets.

    There are many challenges and pains that come with managing a large website as a career. Hosting shouldn't be one of them. Were it not for the billing receipt I receive once a month, I'd forget I'm even hosted with Dathorn. It's not in my thoughts. If you want a quality host you can sign up with and then forget about, this is it. Peace of mind is not listed on their sales page, but that's what I've received for a decade. No plans to leave any time soon.

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    Thank you very much! Not much better than reading a review from one of our long term clients!

    I will add that you're not far off on the pager beeps, although less so these days. I still get the opportunity to read through every ticket submitted regardless of who responds.

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