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    It’s hard to believe I have been here for 10 plus years. When I think back to the start it was because yet another “best in the world hosting company” folded shop by over-promising, under delivering and charging prices that would not work.

    I found Dathorn Internet Services and thought well ok let’s give this place a whirl, so I did... the rest as the saying goes is history.

    A few bumps along the way, very very rare, in any business that experiences growth. Any questions, issues, have always been handled honestly, without delay in a matter of minutes there were answers, should there of been a time when an answer wasn't immediate, Andrew would chime in very quickly and resolution would be done as soon as humanly possible. If it was a data center issue problem, we were told straight up what the issue was, how long to be resolved full stop. Never hiding behind anything or anybody else, Andrew and his team resolved the issue.

    Unlike many of the cool kids on some of the discussions forums here and there about web hosting companies, that gripe about anything and everything a hosting company does right or wrong. Dathorn & Andrew have always been upfront, honest, direct and runs his business in my opinion the right way.

    Valuing his clients input, Andrew solicited us “senior clients” for input on changes, features over the years, what an honor to be asked to help such a great company.

    The service here at Dathorn Internet Services is top notch, works better than advertised, support is top shelf, many times going well above and beyond what they need. 24/7/365 without fail.

    Sincerely Andrew, thank you... really does not seem nearly enough !! Your business plan is rock solid which has led to your success. Kudo’s on an amazing job for well over a decade, I look forward to the next decade

    Kindest Personal Regards,


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    Thank you very much Gary! Here's to the next decade! *cheers*

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