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Thread: Accessing AWStats via remote script

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    Exclamation Accessing AWStats via remote script

    For years I use PHP script that allows clients to view AWStats directly, without need to log into Cpanel.

    After last server move this does not work any more. Now Cpanel requires session security token which is possible to have only if user is logged into Cpanel.

    My clients are screaming!

    How can I make this work again. Whatever I tried it ends up with the same error message:


    The requested URL does not contain your session’s correct security token.

    You may have reached this error by copying and pasting a URL from a different cPanel, WHM, or Webmail session into your browser’s address bar. To resolve this situation, please take one of the following steps:

    - Go back one page and reload the URL, making sure that the /cpsess … / section of the URL remains the same.

    - Re-enter your account’s password below. This will assign your session a new security token. This new token will prevent you from using other pages of this application that may be open in other tabs.


    Note: the second option does not work. I tried to log in that way, but it does not go further, just displays the same error again.
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    The session issue is due to increased security restrictions on the new server. The access you require isn't intended cPanel functionality. There's even been a feature request open with cPanel concerning this for a couple years now and they clearly have no intentions of implementing it. That said, it can still be done via a number of unsupported means. A quick Google search will turn these up.

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