On Friday, July 29th at 5PM CDT we will begin migrating all clients on cpanel77 to a new server as part of our server upgrades announced here. Please take a moment to read that blog post since it does point out some important changes on the new servers.

We expect to complete this migration process within 24 hours. Once the migration begins you will no longer be able to access WHM on cpanel77 and your account will be updated with the new server information which can be viewed via our client portal. Do not be alarmed if you see missing accounts in WHM on the new server during this process. They will begin showing up as they are migrated.

There will be zero downtime as a result of this migration. cpanel77 will continue to remain online throughout the migration and for at least a few days afterwards. As long as you are using any of our gzo.com name servers or your own custom name servers with our DNS IP addresses ( and, this will be a completely seamless migration and you will not need to make any DNS changes.

If you are using 3rd party (not gzo.com) DNS you must make the necessary IP address changes once the migration has completed.

This thread will be updated, at minimum, when the migration begins and ends.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to submit a ticket via our client portal and we'll be happy to assist you.