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    Default Ghost blog

    I like the Ghost blog and want to try it. It is listed in Softaculous.

    I've never really used Softaculous. So, do I just hit the download button and it installs on its own?

    How much disk space and band width is OK for a small blog?

    And when Ghost is installed on a shared server like at dathorn, are all he security updates as they come along over time handled by dathorn so I don't need to worry about that?

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    You can use Softaculous to install Ghost. You'll just need to select to install, fill out all of the form fields as desired and then click install once again.

    You can see each script's disk space requirement directly via Softaculous. For Ghost this is around 14MB but I wouldn't allocate anything less than 100MB to the cPanel account. Bandwidth usage is going to vary greatly depending on the amount of traffic you receive and the type of content you're serving. 1GB of bandwidth should be a good start. You can adjust the disk space and bandwidth limits going forward, as needed, by simply editing the account's package via your WHM.

    As with any script, you are ultimately responsible for its security, maintaining updates, etc. Updates, even automatic installation of them, can be configured from within Softaculous.

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