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Thread: LetsEncrypt SSL

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    Quote Originally Posted by AndrewT View Post
    We have begun updating live client servers and expect to have them all updated by Thursday unless we run into any issues. Pedja, I believe your server was updated last night.
    Excellent! Thanks!
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    Hi Andrew,
    I've enabled AutoSSL but can't see where to activate the cron or create a new LetsEncrypt certificate.
    I've followed the documentation here:

    I can't see in WHM the "Manage AutoSSL" menu item (cpanel 82)

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    You won't see any such option via WHM as that is for server administrators only.

    As explained in my previous reply, you simply need to enable the functionality via a feature list, assign it to your packages where necessary, and allow up to 24 hours for the cron to run. You can go to the "SSL/TLS Status" section via each account's cPanel to see the current status.

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