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    Exclamation Notifications

    I received complaint form user who receives mail notifications about his mailbox is near to full.

    Cpanel account is set to sent all notifications to single administrative email but notifications are sent to ordinary email users instead. It did not arrive to administrative email.

    I cannot find Cpanel option to turn notifications on or off for email accounts, just for administrative account. Is there such option?

    This is problem, as users do not understand notifications (they do not speak English, they do not know anything about email or hosting service) and they are somewhat frightened that they messed something up.

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    Individual email users will always receive notifications concerning their email account becoming full. This cannot be disabled per email or cPanel account. If you change the language in the domain's cPanel this should change the language of these emails as well.

    cPanel account notifications can be configured via the "Contact Information" section of cPanel. There are a number of items there that you can select to receive notifications on.

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