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    Post What is the Path to....

    My home Directory: /home/username/public_html/
    Path to ImageMagick: /usr/local/bin
    Path to PERL: /usr/bin/perl
    Path to sendmail: /usr/sbin/sendmail
    Path to Python: /usr/bin/python
    Path to NetPBM: /usr/bin
    There is the possibility NetPBM has been installed to: /usr/local/netpbm
    Path to Date: /bin/date
    Path to Whois: /usr/bin/whois
    Path to PHP: /usr/local/bin/php or /usr/bin/php
    Path to your Cgi-bin: /home/username/www/cgi-bin

    Replace username with the cpanel username for the account the script is under. Please note that the paths only go as far as the directories above and you may need to add on to them for the specific file or directory your script is calling for.

    provided by: bd2003 and me
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