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    Default Site Security Tips

    Looking regularly at your logs, raw or otherwise, is always a good idea, even if nothing appears to be going wrong. Lots of strange things are always going on there...

    My list of banned IP's is only a very small one, and relates people mostly from Brazil specifically targetting the particular CMS I am using for one of my sites, which isn't Nuke.

    Advice specifically for Nuke:

    - setup Nuke on a MySQL database that operates on a specific user account, not your root account, and give it a good non obvious user name and PWD;

    - check that you have the very latest version of the code (Nuke has had a spate of recent vulns reported, which I think have been patched), and sign up for the Secunia or other vuln reports services to stay on top of future ones;

    - check your file system permissions to make sure that every file and folder has the right, strict permissions set (eg 644 for PHP files), and that nothing is readable or writeable by the whole world, for example (it happens, even using some automated installers),

    - using cPanel or your .htaccess file, password protect some of the core back-end directories of Nuke that visitors or guests don't need access to (this may take some experimenting to get it to the point where registered users or site visitors aren't presented with a password prompt, but it is worth it :-) ;

    - ideally ensure that there is only 1 user with super-user or admin rights in Nuke (you), and to the account the site is hosted under, and tune down the user delegations of eveyone you let into the Nuke part of the site to only the minimum they need to do their job

    - strip out or un-install out of your Nuke install all the add-ons etc you don't need or aren't using. In general, the less code floating around, the better.


    I'd also seriously check out the good Nuke Security forums at:

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