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Thread: Invision Board....Has anyone installed this?

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    I use invision forums too

    Our members have made a total of 8244 posts
    We have 1217 registered members

    Had over 2k members but did a semi bad prune the other day and wiped out 1009 members...heh...except I screwed it up, and about 35 were active members....hehehe...ah well, now I know not to do that again.
    Hosting at Dathorn since March 2003!

    My Interwebs speed on Charter Cable!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jonathan no work, couldn't find anything
    on Cheers, I think I'll stick with phpBB
    I use IPB and use the modules from here:

    The guy Kevin is pretty good and lots of people there will help you if you need it...just like here.

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    I have used invision boards for over 2 yeras now. They have all the functions if not more than Vbull yet it's free. I also have not noticed any slowdown with them yet either.

    The mods, soo many mods. Check out my invision boards

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    Quote Originally Posted by -Oz-
    Invision Powerboard works just fine on all Dathorn servers. The reason for the switch probably invovled that vb is more professional and vb has much better tech support.
    Ever since becoming a pay software, Invision's customer support has been just as professional and good as vBulletin's. I have interacted with both of the companies' support staff, and Invision's support is just as good as vBulletin's, and IPB is an awesome piece of software, especially 2.0, which is much cheaper than vBulletin and just as good.

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