Things that will get your account suspended...

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  • KyleC
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    • Mar 2004
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    Things that will get your account suspended...


    Be careful using:
    • Forum Mods (poorly written and tested mods can cause major problems)
    • Email list programs (be sure all the emails are all double opt-in and send the mail overnight stretched out over a few hours)
    • Don't use persistent database connections. pconnect() will cause MySQL resource problems.
    • Old or outdated versions of PHP scripts, check the developers site for updates and bug fixes often for the scripts you have installed.

    Immediate Account Suspension for
    • Spamming (or hosting websites or services that support spammers)
    • Fraud or attempting to commit Fraud
    • Running insecure PHP scripts
    • cPanel Demo Accounts (or setting up any open cPanel account) use these instead
    • Bringing the server down due to run away script
    • Using any banned scripts:
      - IRC Egg Drops & IRC related programs: BitchX ect...
      - Proxy Servers & Scripts (EX: nph-proxy)
      - Shell, SSH, Telnet Scripts and Shell, SSH, Telnet Alternatives
      - The Anonymizer
      - 4nAlbum addon for phpNuke

    Of course this is not an all inclusive list. Clients are always bound by the TOS and AUP.
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